Road Less Travelled ft Li Laurent produced by DSJ Beats


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All proceeds go to Yes To Life check out the video filmed, directed and edited by Evil Unicorn here:


A lone silhouette wept stood before that headstone/
a red roses fallen petal , this orphan left broke/
breath slowed, trauma etched deep as he let go/
respect shown by all of your guests at your ceremony/
Tony Jones – a noble, thoughtful, clever bloke/
each record chose reflects how special we saw your efforts/
no regrets – the photos and the letters that we’d never known/
a testament to the man that meant so much to the many that met him/
Don’t forget – how much he gave to the lives he saved/
in the wake of the wife that he had taken away/
“Why my life forsaken?”/
with pride and bravery was gracefully riding these waves/
Now there’s an empty chair, the tele’s off/
the kettle’s cold, we slowly cleared our childhood out the loft/
reminiscing precious missing pieces packed into each box/ -
wishing that you’d pull up, twist your key once in the lock/
Shut the door and shout out ‘Hello, anyone home?’/
Though now I cry in silence finding books of grandma’s poems/
you’d step into the kitchen, perch upon your wooden throne/
I’d come give you a hug, you would ask me how it’s been going/
You’d big up all my drawings and you’d come and see me rap/
and when arrested by the law as an anarchist taking action/
unconditional support “I just want to see you be happy son”/
“I got your back” “Dad, I just can’t believe this is happening”/
December snowfall calls your name and number out/
remember those walks home I’d play and pluck the flowers/
The heavens opened, lighting struck the way the thunder vows/
an atheist now on his knees praying that the sun comes out/
– Howling our woe the wind blows/
lowered into the ground surrounded by those that loved you most/
a toast to those present bereft by the death of Tony Jones/
An ode to those lessons he left with every road he chose/

Tear drops falling from my, tear drops falling
Tear drops falling from my ,tear drops falling
from my eyes,
Aching, breaking, lifes at cost
You chose your path and you got lost
I wonder how he'd have unravelled
On the road less travelled.

I’d become a stumbling angry drunk man mumbling without a mum or dad/
about how looking back, it’s fucking mad just how these months passed/
stuck in a pit with a bag full of questions they say we shouldn’t ask/
they took our torch, allowed a ladder but the rungs snapped/
So what is cancer? What is chemotherapy?/
What are advanced treatments and real remedies?/
What will feed it and what will stop it spreading please?/
Educate yourself about the nature of this killing spree/
an industry that profits hundreds of billions of dollars/
viciously they offer the toughest pills to be swallowed/
it’s TOXIC! They insist it’s what’s needed to live, It’s not/
but this knowledge exists, remission follows/
Nightly I was up late, making notes and turning pages/
concerned, afraid, debating anecdotes, researching data/
the murder rates of patients woke me up and stirred my rage/
learning ways to preserve his days, spoke to him and heard him say/
– “I’m nervous mate, I don't know which way to turn.”, “Take
your time to make your mind up, stay wise, it’ll be worth the wait.”/
Highest grade advice was gave, the mind & diet first to change/
journeys and purchases made to swerve around his early grave/
but he chose a path that we were the most afraid of/
as Chemo attacked every single cell he was made of/
it battered his immune system, appetite, motivation/
his happiness, it was tragic, his rapid deterioration/
emaciated, no more taking our calls/
haunted by flash backs, him shaking on the floor/
face vacant, blood poured, a fallen angel on the ward/
gaunt – his last gasp – the rain roared/
your 3 boys by your bed wept their thank you’s,
– goodbye’s, respects to the best Dad whose
final breath left behind a fine legacy of examples
reminding us how our light spreads with every candle
We’re so thankful


released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved

about Derby, UK is an anti-capitalist Anarcho-Hip-Hop artist, activist, facilitator, youth worker, promoter, organiser & other, who is passionate about penning the plight of the people & planet plus the potential we all have to uplift, empower, educate and inspire the pursuit of more progressive paths. ... more

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